Cello Lessons

I teach private lessons on Thursday through Sunday in Pleasanton, CA. My teaching studio is located at:

Ingram and Brauns Musik Shoppe

3160 Santa Rita Rd, Ste B4, Pleasanton, CA 94566


Lesson Scheduling: Lessons are given once a week at a reserved time slot. Please contact me about availability.
Tuition: The following lesson rates are effective for the 2019 year:

$50 for a half-hour lesson

$75 for a 45-minute lesson

$100 for an hour lesson

Lesson Payment: Tuition is due monthly in advance at the first lesson of each month. I accept payments in cash, check, PayPal, or directly on my website. For cash payments, please provide an envelope labeled with the student’s name. 

Attendance: Students are expected to attend lessons regularly, as this is critical for the student’s growth. Too many missed lessons or absences may result in lesson termination. Parents are welcome to come sit-in during lessons, however there is very limited studio space. 

Punctuality: Please show up to the lesson at 5-10 minutes early so that that the lesson can begin at the appointed time. A student who is late may receive a short lesson.

Lesson Cancellation Policy: Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend a lesson. If a lesson is missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice, there will be no make-up lesson or refund.  I will try to make up lessons depending on my schedule. If I have to cancel a lesson, I will always make it up.

If you must cancel a lesson and can’t make it up, the lesson can be skipped. Just pay for the number of lessons you will attend that month. (If you have already paid for the month of lessons, a lesson credit will be given for the following month).

Required Materials: Along with their cellos, students should bring: assigned music (including scales, etudes, and exercises), rosin, and a pencil. Music books may be purchased in-store or online. A metronome/tuner (also available as apps on smartphones) is highly recommended for practicing. A list of lesson books and materials to be purchased are available on my website. 

Practice: Assignments are given each lesson, and each student is expected to practice daily anywhere from 30 minutes up to 4 hours if time permitted. It is better to practice daily than to wait until the day before the lesson to practice. Parents should encourage students to practice at home, and a student’s practice space should be quiet and free from distractions.

Recitals: Studio recitals are held 1-2 times during the year. This is a chance for the student to perform for family and friends to hear. There is a $30 fee per student performing.

Communication: If you do not understand assignments given during a lesson, if you are stuck in your practice, or if you simply have questions about your learning process, contact me right away!



for lesson inquiries, please use the contact form LinK Below